Redis err not all 16384 slots are covered by nodes

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[OK] All 16384 slots covered. 因为redis的日志配置有问题,所有刚才的问题的原因找不到了… 这样咱们特意的干掉一组redis主从… 貌似根前面的问题不太一样.. 先前是 Too many Cluster redirections , 但是cluster info的状态是OK的…. 这次是 cluster info > cluster_state:fail [ERR] Not all ... CLUSTER SLOTS – Redis CLUSTER SLOTS returns details about which cluster slots map to which Redis instances. The command is suitable to be used by Redis Cluster client libraries implementations in order to retrieve (or update when a redirection is received) the map associating cluster hash slots with actual nodes network coordinates (composed of an IP address and a TCP port), so that when a command is received, it ... [Redis] [redis-db] Re: Can't reshard my node. Slots not all ...

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Примерно раз в сутки падает Redis на линукс сервере: ERR Error running script (call to f_9bd406a64e43e31f0dde2849660e8cd56f340b85)Commands that may modify the data set are disabled. Please check Redis logs for details about the error. В логах:1468:M 28 Aug 11:49:40.126... Python asyncio-redis-cluster package... :: class NodeManager: RedisClusterHashSlots = 16384.except Exception as e: raise NodeError("ERROR sending 'cluster nodes' command to redis se".All slots are covered and application can continue to execute #. Parse and determine what node will be pubsub node. RunKit | redis-errors

集群架构 (1)所有的redis节点彼此互联(PING-PONG机制),内部使用二进制协议优化传输速度和带宽. (2)节点的fail是通过集群中超过半数的节点检测失效时才生效.

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"[ERR] Nodes don't agree about configuration!" when check ...

Check slots coverage... [OK] All 16384 slots covered. How many slots do you want to move (from 1 to 16384)? 10 What is the receiving node ID?Есть ли другой способ решить эту проблему? мой редис 4.0.2, рубин 2.4.2p198 Большое спасибо!! redis.