Argument to legalize online poker

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Dec 06, 2010 · Online poker players may be about to draw an inside straight. According to the Wall Street Journal, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is circulating a draft bill that would finally make online

skill for poker online best jon sofen Millions of Americans play poker online (amongst other casino games), yet the United States government deems it illegal. The fact that they do this is simply ridiculous and, in fact, makes absolutely no sense economically. Texas Congressman Joe Barton about Online Poker legalization Joe Barton, the US Rep most commonly associated with the argument for online poker, reckons that now is the perfect time to point to an online gambling bill. Minnesota Poker Laws - Legal Online Gambling in Minnesota A broad review of Minnesota's gambling laws and poker laws. Includes legal online poker sites in Minnesota, state codes, gambling facts and more.

Matthew Kredell - Matthew began writing about legislative efforts to regulate online poker in 2007 after UIGEA interfered with his hobby of playing small-stakes online poker while working as a sportswriter at the Los Angeles Daily News. Covering the topic for Bluff Magazine, PokerNews and now Online Poker Report, he has interviewed four U.S. Congressmen and 20+ state legislators.

NBA Commissioner: Legalize and Regulate Sports Betting His argument reflects what proponents of legalized betting have been claiming for years – that it would make more sense to embrace sports betting, tax it and regulate it. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Vetoes Online Poker Bill

Economic impact at the heart of online-poker legalization ...

House Panel Hears Arguments in Favor of Legal Online Poker Oct 27, 2011 · House Panel Hears Arguments in Favor of Legal Online Poker. This bill would legalize online poker. Witnesses presented statistics that showed that millions of Americans participate in online gaming for money and that as much as $6 billion is sent by Americans each year to …

Additionally, this argument is comparable to outlawing alcohol consumption among adults because minors can use fake IDs to get booze. The prevalence of problem gambling appears to be the strongest argument against legal online gambling, but even that argument breaks down upon closer inspection.

Las Vegas Sands Archives - PokerUS As reported by Nevada journalist John Ralston, this proposed legislation would legalize internet poker across the United States while banning online casino games and sports betting. Danish Court rules Poker Legal This same argument was used in California in the 1930s to legalize poker rooms. It may be the winning way to get some relief on the US law passed last year, which has hurt online poker for so many US citizens.