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A list of Items from the two new Swtor cartel packs – Regulator’s Contraband Pack and Enforcer’s Contraband Pack Category Name Armor (Head) Blue Efficiency Scanner Armor (Head) Rascal’s Toothpick Armor (Boots) Covert Energy Boots Armor … Swtor Visionary Alliance Pack Preview - Dulfy Swtor Visionary Alliance Pack Preview. This pack will be released on April 5 with Game Update 4.3. Note: This is not a complete list of all the items in the pack. The current PTS iteration is missing some items from the pack. Swtor Level 60 Token Refund Eligibility - Dulfy Bioware have posted some clarifications on who is eligible for the Level 60 token refunds. Kotfe Level 60 character creation is bugged | 11.13.2015, 11:38 AM Hey everyone! Over the past few days we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of … Swtor Fall Update Roadmap - Dulfy Bioware has released a comprehensive roadmap for the Fall Update. Hi everyone! This edition of my Star Wars: The Old Republic Roadmap offers a first look at the upcoming direction for the game, provides a brief review of our last few …

Leveling My Republic Toons and Feeding My SWTOR Crew Skills/GTN Addiction. 07 Saturday Jul 2012. Posted by anexxia in crew skills ≈ 4 Comments. (plus another 250k on buying mission discoveries). And buying a schematic on the PTS for 50k. ... Thanks so much for this great preview of the 1.3 crew skills changes to augment slots! 4 Tips to ...

SWTOR Crafting Changes in Fallen Empire. ... General Crew Skill Changes ... take those creds and buy some Character Slots ... Mods 101: Gear Customisation in SWTOR. - Crew Skills

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SWTOR: Starship operator's guide - Engadget Dec 12, 2011 ... SWTOR's starships are part player housing, part combat vehicle, and part ... Your cargo hold has quite a few slots per bay that will allow you to clean out ... In this article: bioware, crafting, crew-skills, droid, droids, ea, ... If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. 3h. OotiniCast Episode 89 | OotiniCast - A Star Wars: The Old Republic ...

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A Free-to-Play Player's Guide to the Cartel Market | The Fanatical ... Nov 15, 2012 ... After you make this purchase, Preferred Access will be granted to your account ... Additional Quickbar – 250 CC; Additional Crew Skill Slot (brings total to maximum of 3) – 420 .... Making Credits Fast in SWTORIn "Crew Skills".